*Denotes terms used on the score sheet

*Degree of Difficult

The horse/rider team successfully performs a single element or a combination of elements in a way that exceeds the requirement of the standard test of the same level.


Basic components that may be included in freestyle choreography. The elements are movements, figures, and transitions.

*Dressage Movement

An exercise as opposed to a figure, transition or a pattern. The Dressage Movements are leg yield, rein back, shoulder in, travers, renvers, turn on haunches, half pass (trot or canter), flying change, pirouette (walk or canter), piaffe and passage.


Arrangement of gaits, paces, movements, figures, transitions, combinations and patterns that comprise a program.


Geometric design formed in the arena when movements, figures and transitions are combined.

*Use of arena

Utilizing the dressage arena space in its entirety; distributing the elements throughout the arena.

*Design cohesiveness

Logical, coherent, recognizable construction of the choreography.

*Balance (in design)

Fairly even use of right and left rein work.


Elements are combined in imaginative ways; interesting or uncommon lines or patterns are used; not test-like.


Direct connection of any movement or figure with another movement or figure.


Directly repeating a combination or pattern from the standard test with no variation; lack of creativity.