Draft for the award of the title of an
"Elite Mare" in Canada

1) The mare must either carry the Canadian Hanoverian brand or the brand of the Verband or the brand of another approved Hanoverian society and must be entered into the main studbook of the respective society.

2) Her dam must carry the H hip brand or an equivalent brand (see point 1) and must be entered into the main studbook.

3) The mare must have passed her mare performance test at the latest with the age of five.

4) The title is awarded to three- or four-year-old mares. On principle the title is awarded at an official mare show of the two Canadian horse breeding clubs by the respective judges commission. The mares are graded and – by analogy with the proceeding in Germany – classified into Ia, I and II. If no mare show takes place in a region then the title is awarded at a studbook inspection where two official judges are present.

5) The mare must not be a roarer. The veterinary examination on this fault must be carried out in the year in which the title is awarded. The respective veterinary surgeons are designated in co-operation with the VhW.

6) The mare must give birth to a live foal which is registered with the Verband after receiving the title. The mare is recorded as Elite Mare Candidate as long as she has not fulfilled this requirement. If the mare does not give birth to a live foal she is not awarded the title and no financial or any other grants (see point 9) are given.

7) Mares which, at the time of the introduction of the programme are already older than four years can be presented for receiving this title during a transition period. They have to be presented at a mare show and studbook inspection respectively in 2002 or 2003 and have to meet the requirements concerning the mare performance test within this period of time at the latest.

8) State’s Premium Candidates which are imported from Germany receive the title of an Elite Mare if they give birth to a foal within three years after being awarded the title of a State’s Premium Candidate and fulfill all the other obligations necessary.

9) The owners of Elite Mares and Elite Mare Candidates respectively can be paid a premium by the two Canadian horse breeding clubs. The horse breeding clubs themselves are responsible for the provision of the necessary funds and the way in which payment is effected.

10) The title Elite Mare is noted down on the pedigree paper and is recorded as part of the name of the mare as soon as all the requirements (also concerning the foal) have been met. The abbreviations are EM. and EM-CA.

Further to the Draft for Hanoverian mares

Hanoverian Mares

At the mare show the Presentation:
The mares are shown on a triangular course. They get marks for the trot and the conformation. When each mare of the class has been shown, they are assembled in a large circle and judged at walk. The mares do not get a score, they are ranked in the premium-groups IA, I or II.


Three-year-olds are awarded with the "Staatspraemie". The "Staatspraemie" is an encouragement measure of the Lower-Saxony State Government which aims at keeping good mares in the breed. Due to this it cannot be awarded beyond the borders of Lower Saxony.

There are similar conditions abroad to receive a special title. This candidature and title resp. is, however not called "Staatspraemienstute" (St.Pr.St.) but "Elite Mare Candidate" (EMC) and "Elite Mare" (EM) resp.