In our equestrian lives, sometimes there is call for consultation with an equine professional whether offering a horse for sale, facility planning, competition planning, or setting out to find your equine partner, having professional advice can help you make educated decisions.

carol_lync_consultingChoosing the right equine partner is essential for the riding and training relationship to flourish. Riders love their horses and feel a deep devotion to the relationship. I can put my many years of experience to work for you in finding your perfect match. Bloodlines, age, confirmation, training levels, and previous history all contribute to the outcome you will have while training your horse. I can help you navigate this road to success with knowledge and experience. From youngsters to seasoned school masters, I find nothing more satisfying than the process of finding just the right horse for my clients.

Offering horses for sale is also something I enjoy, if you would like your horse to find the perfect partner, I can help you.

I have many years of experience buying and selling horses as well as competition planning and much much more. I would enjoy helping you come to an informed educated conclusion to your equine needs.

I look forward to meeting you!

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